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Europe! Voices of Women in Film Bundle

Mere months ago, Chloé Zhao won one of filmmaking’s biggest awards of the year with Nomadland, and made history as just the second woman to ever earn a Best Director Oscar. Her achievements are monumental. They’re crucial and inspirational, too. And yet they’re also a strong indictment of an industry that’s been happy to overlook female filmmakers for too long.

For the past six years, Sydney Film Festival’s Europe! Voices of Women in Film program has worked to redress cinema’s gender imbalance. Co-presented by Screen International and European Film Promotion since 2017, it shines a spotlight on talented women from around Europe who’ve directed potent, engaging and important films.

2021’s ten-title line-up spans movies made across 17 different European nations – a bold drama about aspiring porn actors, a poetic documentary about the sea and blistering debuts about loss, resilience and history’s scars among them. Helmed by tomorrow’s superstar female directors, they’re today’s must-sees.

Sarah Ward Film Critic, Screen International

After renting the bundle, all the included films will be available in your account to watch at any time during the Festival viewing window; from 12th November, 12 PM – 21st November, 11.59 PM.

Project Partner: EFP

Content included in this bundle

From the Wild Sea
Documentary Volunteers work tirelessly to rescue Europe’s marine life from pollution and violent weather fuelled by climate change in this poetic documentary. Berlinale 2021.
Green Sea
Feature Food and love are the ingredients of a charming comic drama about a woman with no memory who starts a new life as a cook at a run-down seaside tavern.
Feature Winner of three major awards at Sundance 2021, this outstanding drama is based on the true story of a Kosovo war widow fighting against patriarchy.
How to Kill a Cloud
Documentary A Finnish scientist takes on a multimillion-dollar project to make rain in the desert, but soon becomes caught in an ethical dilemma between research, finance and the environment.
Last Days of Spring
Feature Documentary and fiction overlap in the poignant story of a family facing eviction from a Madrid shantytown. New Directors Award, San Sebastián 2020. Cannes ACID selection 2020.
Feature A vibrant and carefree German-Persian nurse finds her world permanently shifted when she becomes the victim of a xenophobic attack, in Eline Gehring’s sensitive debut drama.
Documentary An epic tale of hatred and reconciliation documented over five years in Albania’s mountainous north, a place stuck obstinately in a patriarchal past.
Feature A teenage competitive skier is drawn into the orbit of her domineering coach in this unflinching portrait of abuse and obsession. Cannes 2020.
Why Not You
Feature Evi Romen’s debut feature tells the sensitive story of Mario, a restless young dancer from a conservative village whose best friend is killed in a deadly attack on a gay bar.