Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films

Sydney Film Festival’s short film competition has launched the careers of directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, and other film creatives in its 51-year history.

The 10 finalists will compete for three illustrious prizes: the Dendy Live Action Short Film Award, the Rouben Mamoulian Award for Best Director, and the Yoram Gross Animation Award, announced at the Festival’s Virtual Awards Ceremony on Thursday 18 June.

Watch all 10 shorts on demand over the 12 days of the Festival with the Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films Bundle, which also includes 3 short films from the Screenability program.

Thanks to Director’s Lab Patrons who support SFF’s commitment to showcasing the work of talented and emerging filmmakers through the Short Film Program

All short films in the Dendy Awards program are available to view with closed captions and audio descriptions.


Dendy Awards for Australian Short Films