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Documentary Australia Foundation Award

Under the Volcano

UNDER THE VOLCANO is only available as part of the Documentary Australia Foundation Award for Australian Documentary Bundle.
The story of Montserrat’s celebrated recording studio and the musicians – including Dire Straits, Elton John and the Police – enticed by its idyllic Caribbean vibe.
A Fire Inside
Documentary When Australia’s 2019-20 bushfires horrified the world, the selfless acts of everyday Aussies inspired us all. But the triple whammy of drought, fire and pandemic has taken an astounding toll.
When The Camera Stopped Rolling
Documentary Eight years in the making, Jane Castle’s poignant documentary about her filmmaker mother is an intimate mother-daughter story and eye-opening chronicle of women’s roles in the film industry.
Unseen Skies
Documentary Visionary American artist Trevor Paglen attempts his most audacious project yet – a compelling exploration of State and corporate surveillance.
The Department
Documentary Sascha Ettinger Epstein’s (The Oasis; The Pink House, SFF winner 2017) compelling documentary delves into the lives of workers and families entwined within NSW’s child protection system.
The Bowraville Murders
Documentary The epic battle for justice by the families of three Aboriginal children murdered 30 years ago in a rural NSW town. A microcosm of the systemic racism inside the justice system.
Television Event
Documentary The fascinating story of the production and aftermath of the controversial 1983 made-for-TV movie, The Day After – which imagined the impact of a nuclear attack on the USA.
Strong Female Lead
Documentary A shocking exposé of the media, public and political treatment of Julia Gillard. Made entirely from archival footage – and tragically prescient of misogyny today.
Incarceration Nation
Documentary Indigenous Australians make up 29% of the prison population – and 3.3% of the population. Dean Gibson (Wik vs Queensland, SFF 2018) lays bare Australia’s appalling history of Indigenous incarceration.
I'm Wanita
Documentary Tamworth’s renegade ‘Queen of Honky Tonk’ heads to Nashville to record an album, but has she left her run too late? A no-holds-barred crowd-pleasing debut from Australian Matthew Walker.