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this body is so impermanent...
Feature A magnificent real-time performance of a sacred Buddhist sutra, from renowned theatre and opera director Peter Sellars in collaboration with a luminous group of artists.
Feature ShoPaapaa delves deeply into the 2020 lockdown experience in London and was made entirely remotely by Australian Molly Reynolds (My Name is Gulpilil) and UK-based creative Shekhar Bassi. Co-produced by Rolf de Heer.
Sandlines, The Story of History
Documentary An extraordinary collaboration between Belgian artist Francis Alÿs and a group of children from a mountain village near Mosul, Iraq. Sundance 2020.
Drifting Petals
Documentary A genuinely free-spirited “alternate cinema” offering from award-winner Clara Law (Floating Life, SFF 1996; Letters to Ali), spanning Australia, Macau and Hong Kong.