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Short A young girl believes that if she wears body armour she will be as tough as her horse and overcome her bullying dad.
Short After Tinashé, a sweet, but lost teenager gets kicked out of home, he moves into his chaotic best friend’s bed whilst attempting to navigate adulthood and love for the first time.
The Stranger
Short When a stranger arrives at an isolated farmhouse late at night, the farmer’s wife is convinced he’s trouble. In the light of day, she is forced to confront her prejudices.
The Moogai
Short A captivating First Nations psychological horror, starring Shari Sebbens and Meyne Wyatt, about a family terrorised by a child-stealing spirit. Winner at SXSW (Midnight Shorts).
Short The story of Jack who loves to pull pranks. But in his latest relationship he may have finally met his match.
Short A peek into the inner world of a group of turbulent teenagers on an after-school shopping trip.
Off the Rails
Short Two besties abroad in a Russian city are hustling to catch the last train. When Cookie suddenly disappears, Bonbon is swept up in a chaotic odyssey to find her friend.
Short A stunning exploration of Bourke Shire’s landscape, First Nations history and folklore that brings to our attention the resilience of the natural environment and the land’s inhabitants.
Freedom Swimmer
Short A hybrid, poetic documentary interweaving hand-drawn animation and film, which tells the story of a grandfather’s perilous swim from China to Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution.
Dwarf Planet
Short A coming-of-age story about a lonely, awkward teenager’s encounter with a male sex worker while his family is away on vacation.
We Have Me
Short High school basketball captain Grant (Carlos Sanson Jr.) faces suspension until Emily (Emily Scerri-Rikkert) steps up with moves that could help them win the dance competition.
Deafying Gravity
Short Deaf queer aerial performer Katia Schwartz reflects on life, identity and her extraordinary career in this compelling documentary short from emerging filmmaker Samuel Martin (Sam I Am).
Blockhead and Sparkles and the Flood of Tears
Short Featuring hand-drawn oil pastels by acclaimed artist Digby Webster, this animated short film celebrates neurodiversity as it follows two friends with unique gifts.