A Hundred Years of Happiness

Directed by Jakeb Anhvu, 2020 Australia 62 minutes
All Ages
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A rural Vietnamese family prepares for their daughter’s marriage – an arrangement based on finances, not affection – in this remarkably poignant, observational documentary.

Tram is just 21 years old, but her choices in life have already narrowed. She had intended to study overseas, but when she failed the necessary tests, her plans fell apart. Her parents make a simple living farming longan, pineapple and other fruits. They are keen to secure their daughter’s future and thus enable her to fulfil her cultural obligation to care for them in old age. To realise her parents’ expectations, Tram’s marriage to a South Korean man and journey to his homeland as a migrant bride is fast-tracked. With skilful sensitivity, director Jakeb Anhvu captures Tram in the rush of planning, studying Korean and, finally, the haphazard ceremony. The bride-to-be has no time for hesitation and even less time for reflection.

Jakeb Anhvu is a graduate of Melbourne University (VCA).  Blush of Fruit, his debut feature, premiered at IDFA in the First Appearance competition and won the Documentary Award at Adelaide Film Festival. 

Program Strand
Documentary Australia Foundation Award,
All Ages
In Vietnamese with English subtitles
Premiere Status
World Premiere,
Jakeb Anhvu,
C. Slater, Jakeb Anhvu, Kim Nguyen,
Jakeb Anhvu, David Cooley,
Jakeb Anhvu,
Jakeb Anhvu,
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