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Directed by Dash Shaw, 2020 United States 90 minutes
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Dazzling mythical creatures inhabit Dash Shaw’s (My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea, SFF 2016) trippy Sundance-winning animated fantasy, voiced by Michael Cera, Zoe Kazan and Alex Karpovsky.

Cryptozoo takes place in a richly drawn hallucinatory world of ‘70s California, populated by a cast of folkloric creatures including a gorgon (Angeliki Papoulia), a Pegasus, a camoodi serpent and a baku of Japanese legend. Veterinarian Lauren Grey (Lake Bell) embarks on a journey to rescue the dream-eating baku, who saved her from her nightmares as a girl. With the threat of war and a maniacal military man hot on Lauren’s heels – his sights also set on the baku – she traverses the globe via cartoon-strip-style split-screens and match cuts. As Lauren inches ever closer to completing her mission, she must choose between the danger of freedom or protection in captivity for her beloved cryptids.