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Friends and Strangers

Directed by James Vaughan, 2020 Australia 84 minutes
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A hit at Rotterdam and New York festivals – a witty, absurdist slacker comedy about 20-somethings in Sydney that cements James Vaughan as a prominent voice in the Australian New Wave revival.

Ray (Fergus Wilson), a meandering directionless videographer and Alice (Emma Diaz), a similarly apathetic 20-something embark on a misguided and humiliating camping trip. Once back in Sydney, Ray drifts between odd jobs, unmotivated by his suffocatingly breezy, no-stakes existence. A comment on privilege and colonial malaise – accentuated by Dimitri Zaunders’s lush cinematography, bursting with gorgeous pastel tones reminiscent of Australia’s Impressionist era – Vaughan’s confident feature debut excels in mining humour from the awkward non-starts that define contemporary existence. Evocative of the films of Éric Rohmer, Hong Sangsoo and Luis Buñuel – but with a decidedly Australian twist.

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Program Strand
MA15+ - Strong coarse language
In English
James Vaughan,
Lucy Rennick, Rebecca Lamond,
Fergus Wilson, Emma Diaz, Steve Maxwell,
Dimitri Zaunders,
Comedy, Cinephile, Australian Films,
Company Credits
Australian Distributor: Bonsai Films,