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Directed by Blerta Basholli, 2021 Kosovo, Switzerland, Macedonia, Albania 83 minutes
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Winner of three major awards at Sundance 2021, this outstanding drama is based on the true story of a Kosovo war widow fighting against patriarchy.

The debut feature by Kosovo-born filmmaker Blerta Basholli is inspired by real-life beekeeper Fahrije Hoti. Seven years after Fahrije’s husband went missing in the Kosovo War, she is struggling to provide for her two children. Her plan to establish a women’s co-operative and sell ajvar (pepper relish) is met with scorn by men in her village. In this patriarchal place, a woman’s morals can be questioned for even the slightest show of independence. But Fahrije is no ordinary woman. Basholli’s lean, punchy script and Yllka Gashi’s superbly controlled central performance bring the legacy of war and the strength of women into sharp and rewarding focus.

Blerta Basholli is a writer/director whose stories touch upon social and gender issues in Kosovo, where she was born. Hive won three awards in Sundance’s World Cinema Dramatic category.

After renting, the film will be available in your account to watch at any time during the Festival viewing window; from 12th November, 12 PM – 21st November, 11.59 PM.

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