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Sandlines, The Story of History

Directed by Francis Alÿs, 2020 Iraq 61 minutes
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An extraordinary collaboration between Belgian artist Francis Alÿs and a group of children from a mountain village near Mosul, Iraq. Sundance 2020.

Sandlines is the story of history itself. Over several years, Alÿs worked on a series of film projects in Iraq. When he asked the village children, “Where is your country?” they answered, “Here, my village of Nerkzlia.” Realising they had never heard of the concept of ‘Iraq’, Alÿs collaborates with the children to re-enact a century of Iraqi history. With charming jubilance, the children dramatise key moments, from the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement in May 1916 (which ultimately created the country of Iraq by drawing lines in the sand, while laying the foundations for outside interference in the Middle East), through to the Islamic State’s influence of terror in 2016. As the children revisit the past, they begin to make sense of their present.

After renting, the film will be available in your account to watch at any time during the Festival viewing window; from 12th November, 12 PM – 21st November, 11.59 PM.

Program Strand
FLUX Art+Film,
Unclassified 15+
In English and Arabic with English and Arabic subtitles
Francis Alÿs,
Francis Alÿs,
Hanan, Ali, Mohamed,
Francis Alÿs,
Ivan Boccara, Julien Devaux, Francis Alÿs,
Arts, Human Rights, Middle East,
Company Credits
Production Company: Francis Alÿs Studio,