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Swan Song

Directed by Todd Stephens, 2021 USA 105 minutes
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A fabulously snippy hairdresser (screen legend Udo Kier; Bacurau, SFF 2019) escapes his nursing home and treks across small-town Ohio to fulfil the dying wish of a former client.

Once upon a time every society lady in Sandusky, Ohio, flocked to the salon of hair magician and drag queen Pat Pitsenbarger (Kier). But that was thirty years ago, before “the Liberace of Sandusky” lost everything – including the love of his life. The despondent Pat seems destined to end his days in a retirement home. That’s until he’s informed that a rich former client has posthumously nominated him to style her funeral hairdo. What follows is a poignant and often uproariously funny odyssey. Pat seeks out the old-school supplies he needs – while visiting people and places from a time long before the rainbow flag flew openly in Sandusky. Kier, in the performance of his life, is simply superb and the soundtrack rocks.

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Program Strand
M - Sexual references and coarse language
In English
Todd Stephens,
Todd Stephens, Rhet Topham, Stephen Israel, Eric Eisenbrey, Tim Kaltenecker,
Udo Kier, Jennifer Coolidge, Linda Evans,
Todd Stephens,
Jackson Warner Lewis,
Spencer Schilly, Santiago Figueira W.,
LGBTIQ+ Films, Seniors, Gender & Sexuality, Comedy,
Company Credits
Australian Distributor: Icon Film Distribution,