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this body is so impermanent...

Directed by Peter Sellars, 2021 USA 78 minutes
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A magnificent real-time performance of a sacred Buddhist sutra, from renowned theatre and opera director Peter Sellars in collaboration with a luminous group of artists.

In this creative response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sellars directs three virtuosic artists in three continents. Each improvises in their own unique artform to create a simultaneous meditation on a passage from the Vimalakirti Sutra, a foundational Buddhist text from around the first century CE. What can we learn from the pandemic? In the hands of Sellars, together with calligrapher Wang Dongling, dancer Michael Schumacher and South Indian singer Ganavya, the sutra is performed as an astonishing shared visual poem. Words become actions, and bodies become the bearers of the text’s message of pain, beauty and hope – ultimately offering a portal to transformation.

After renting, the film will be available in your account to watch at any time during the Festival viewing window; from 12th November, 12 PM – 21st November, 11.59 PM.

Program Strand
FLUX Art+Film,
Unclassified 15+
In English
Peter Sellars,
Julia Carnahan, Cheng-Sim Lim, Caleb Hammons, Susan Pertel Jain, Jason Silverman, Cathy Teixeira,
Yu Lik-wai,
Tim Squyres,
Religion & Belief, Experimental, Cinephile, Arts, Dance,
Company Credits
Festival Contact: Cheng-Sim Lim,